About us

DS is a full services events company. Our specialist in-house service offerings means we can look after every step of your event management and production.

Unusually innovative. Remarkably results-driven. Rebelliously passionate. And very friendly too.

DS began as a specialized entertainment provider and, learning the business from the stage up, we have expanded our services. Significantly. We’ve naturally spread our wings, and now offer our expert services to clients in the UAE and Gulf region, but also as far east as China, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Maldives, as well as in Europe.

At DS, an audience reaction less than a collective “wow” means we haven’t done our job.

Because we understand that an event that will amaze and make a lasting impression, will also reap the greatest return on your investment. Regardless of how small or grand your plans may be, our mission is to understand your objectives, culture and desired audience right from the start.

Following this, everything we do is about creating a sensation the moment your guests walk into a venue – be it a corporate dinner, product launch or wedding.


From local locations or exotic destinations, DS bring a world of experience, professionalism and creative flair to every step of your event including:


  • Venue site selection
  • Production
  • Entertainment
  • Design & Direction
  • Theming
  • Concert Organising

  • Development and analysis of brief
  • Concept creation
  • Technical specification
  • Copywriting, scripting, concept writing, content development
  • Full video production
  • Speaker support, keynote, design & templates
  • Stage set design
  • Corporate identity
  • Web development
  • Flash animation
  • Content Management Systems
  • Photography

  • Audio, lighting, special F/X, AV management
  • Entertainment, choreography
  • Stage management, theme elements, signage, technical direction
  • Full show call and direction

  • Budgets
  • Risk and eco assessment
  • Security


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